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June 18 - 20, 2019
Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami, USA
Designed To Inspire

New Launch: Dansk Wilton

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to consumers, especially those within the cruise industry. Custom carpet designers, Dansk Wilton, have taken this new industry trend in their stride with the release of their brand new product series, RE:THINK.

RE:THINK your sustainable footprint: Dansk Wilton makes it easy to take the right step

Colortec RE:THINK is the world’s first, and up to now only, Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM Colortec carpet solution.

We are proud to be able to supply Colortec RE:THINK carpets to our increasingly responsible and environment-conscious customers.

With Cradle to Cradle certification of our Colortec RE:THINK carpets we have achieved strong and visible recognition of our concentrated efforts to run our business sustainably. It is not just something we talk about; it is something we act upon.

Dansk Wilton has set out on a target-oriented journey towards a more sustainable world, with a strong focus on rethinking what we do. We are determined to contribute to the development of environment-friendly solutions in the hospitality industry.

“Our sustainability strategy in Dansk Wilton is something that we work with every day. Our Colortec RE:THINK product launch proves that we take our environmental responsibility seriously and we want to support the hospitality industry in their focus on increased sustainability and resource management.” Søren Sonne, CEO at Dansk Wilton.

Carpet Facts

Colortec is an advanced, popular technology providing an unlimited range of possible patterns and designs.

About Colortec RE:THINK

  • offers custom-designed carpet solutions with unlimited design possibilities
  • is based on modern weaving technology
  • is produced using pre-dyed yarns in a yarn blend of 80 % wool and 20 % nylon.
  • has an integrated felt or textile backing, which optimises the comfort and makes the handling process easier when carpets are installed

Colortec RE:THINK is available in a wide range of qualities suitable for all areas – from hotel rooms to high-traffic public areas.

You can read more about Cradle to Cradle on the Dansk Wilton website here.

See Dansk Wilton's product range for yourself at booth 507. Register today for a free pass.

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